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Children are able to attend school for the first time, receive food parcels and health kits, and parents are receiving health care and vocational training to develop a better future for their families. For around $5,000 investment, a small community in Nepal is receiving a brighter future.

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The community of Tamang and Danuwar are the most backward communities by education and economy in Kavre district. The village is located in Kavre a district of Nepal with 125 households having 758 population, among them 500 are children of 6 month to 16 years of age.

The Rotary Club of Dhulikhel is working with ethnic communities in Chamkhar and Baluwa village where Tamang and Danuwar communities are living. Rotary has been working with the Community Development & Relief Agency Nepal since 2010 to provide education to the Tamang and Danuwar children by providing basic education support and strengthening local schools like Chamkher Village School near Kavre.


Since the communities are very poor, they hardly earn just $1 a day – which is not enough to feed their families, and the children suffer and are bound to be child labour. (see film in our website:  ). The RC of Dhulikhel Nepal and RC of Tea Tree Gully are helping 15 children’s education and nourishment for 12 months, which is the first phase. Tea Tree Gully has contributed $3,750US toward the first part of the Community need. The next stage of the project created a vocational training environment for parents to learn and find a way to give them opportunities so these parents could learn a skill and start a micro business for generating more income to support their family’s basic needs.

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Due to limited nutritious food many children are malnourish and most of them have low vision. The project has also provided eye screening in the local primary school. In the villages data gathering found that adults of 40-70 age people have problems in their eyes, and the project has also provided eye screening camps in the villages to test the eyes of children and adults.

Tea Tree Gully has committed to a long term relationship and friendship with the Rotary Club of Dhulikhel Nepal in helping them achieve humanity projects and support the communities of Tamang and Danuwar Villages.

One of the key objectives of the project was to sponsor deprived community children for the regular attending to school by providing uniform, books, stationeries, school bag, food, play games and test eyes.


The concentrated area was Chamkher and Baluwa villages deprived Tamang and Danuwar community of Kavre District of Nepal

The achieved immediate outcomes included:

35 school children in Balkalyan Primary School Chamkher, 43 Children in Bhuwoneswori School in Baluwa   receive support to go to school regularly and some support for their books and uniforms

25 Parents have attended vocational skills training and literacy classes as per their interest and provided with a micro loan scheme to make alternative income generating business activities.

Training included areas of – (vegetable plantation and sale, opening tea and coffee shop in town area, making traditional crafts for souvenirs, start tailoring shop, goat and cow rearing) etc;

326 plus School children and their parents received eye screening by the Reuikai Eiko Masunaga Eye Hospital, in Banepa

30 cataract patient were identified and refer for surgery, and 15 patients had successful surgery and 15 patient were not able to visit hospital due to various reasons.

6 teachers have been trained about counselling and play games for children, and Rotary Education


There is no doubt that a small investment is contributing and making a real sustainable difference in the future lives of people in these small villages.

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