Heart Start Defibrillator – Saves a Life

A generous donation of a ‘Heart Start Defibrillator’ to the Modbury Bowling Club by Tea Tree Gully Rotary ‘has saved a life’. When Paramedics arrived they were able to stabilise the Patient who had 3 Heart Start Charges performed by an on duty Nurse, which saved his life.

The Modbury Bowling Club which has a membership of more than 600, with a large majority over the age of 55, made an approach to the Rotary Club after a medical emergency to see if we could help with the purchase of the Defibrillator Unit.
Board members of Tea Tree Gully Rotary agreed it was very much a worthwhile Community Project and made the donation at the opening of the Bowling Season.

Tea Tree Gully Rotary Club has had a long term relationship with Modbury Bowling Club as a few members play with them and the Club has had a few night bowling invitations.
The ‘Emergency Medical Information Book’ originally initiated by the Tea Tree Gully Club, has also been distributed widely to the membership of the Modbury Bowling Club.

This small book, contains all your information and medical records which are needed if or when an ambulance is called, and you need to be transported to a hospital.

When paramedics are called, a typical scenario is that distraught family members may be unable to give correct details of the patient’s condition, or the medication they may be on. The paramedics physically have to collect all the patients medication in the house, try and obtain a medical history and take it to the hospital with the patient.

This small book contains patient contacts, service or carer provider information, medications and any medical condition, so a paramedic is able to treat and ready a patient for transport to a hospital.

Each book has a clear plastic sleeve with strip magnets and is placed on the fridge door once it has been filled out by the owner (patient) together with their doctor.
The ‘Emergency Medical Information Book’ can be ordered via the website.  www.emib.org.au
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