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Joanna Mills, President Ray‘WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ADELAIDE’S TREES’ was the talk given by Joanna Mills, volunteer from Conservation SA. to our Club on Wednesday night, at meeting 2304.

Joanna’s love of trees is a driving force in her volunteer work.

She spoke of trees that were removed that were hundreds of years old in our local area, one in particular that had a girth of 8.4m, a River Red Gum.  This was on Golden Grove Road and removed as part of the road upgrade near the junction of Hancock Road.   Initially Tea Tree Gully Council had given permission for a few trees to be felled but some 180 trees were removed.

Why did we lose so many trees?

Most of the trees were between 50 to 100 years old.

How many trees need to be replanted to replace a 90 year old tree? Research shows you need to plant 891 new trees.

There were some 30 trees that were saved from the project, by lobbying council and gaining local assistance.  It is very hard to get local support to save them.

What’s so special about big old trees?

They are responsible for removing and absorbing carbon monoxide, and carbon and importantly, taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.
Trees are very effective water tanks.
They are a living catalogue. They form a living fabric of our people – improving mental health and physical well-being.
They cool homes and streets.
They are old
They help the next generation of trees that may be struggling.  They form a symbiotic relationship with other trees nearby.

What can Council do to minimise tree loss? Council can lobby the Local Government Association.

We need to lobby Government on our community’s behalf.

Council may set up funds to care and maintain big trees on private properties.
With the weather warming, the establishment of tree growth areas is inhibited.
The council arborist can advise and help residents with tree selection and concerns.

Joanna explained about the tree replanting schemes by property developers.  Statistics show that Adelaide is losing around 75,000 trees annually.  We are not replanting enough to cover this loss.    Joanna is very passionate about what we can do, and should do, to help, and from whom to seek assistance.

Much discussion ensued of the local losses of some wonderful gums in our area.

President Ray thanked Joanna for her excellent talk.

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