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The Rotary Club of Tea Tree Gully has been very active
in the North Eastern Community for more than 40 Years.

 We meet on Wednesday nights at the Tea Tree Gully Golf Club and you are very welcomed to attend.
Start time is 6:15pm for 6:45pm for further information CLICK HERE

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Looking for New Members

We often find that People claim they are time poor, and many miss the opportunity to give back to the Community through volunteering with Rotary. Do you know of a Community Project that needs support or Do You have a contact with a Community Overseas that you would like to help.

Rotary International through to Network of Rotary Clubs can support and facilitate Community Ideas and Projects and Make Dreams Come True, so why not call us Today.

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Supporting a Girls School in India

Tea Tree Gully Rotary Club has achieved a Rotary Foundation Grant to build Toilets and bathrooms at a Girls School in India.


Partnering with the Rotary Club of Kakinada and with Missions to the Nations (the organisation which runs several schools for the underprivileged, a small hospital and an Orphanage this project is essential for health and sanitation.

This Project was completed in April 2016

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RYLA Applications now open


What is RYLA?

RYLA is an annual 7 day residential for 18 – 26 year olds sponsored by the Rotary Clubs within Rotary International District 9500 (SA/NT). RYLA is a life changing experience, it has the capacity to instill, motivate and develop future leaders in one of the most intensive leadership experiences available in South Australia.

RYLA empowers young individuals through diverse range of qualified professional speakers and activities, touching on topics such as:

– leadership and personality styles

– working in teams

Our speakers leave awardees feeling motivated and inspired. RYLA’s youth team leaders also complement the experience through their informal activities (fun) and support.

RYLA allows awardees to network and form friendships with a diverse range of like-minded youth, including those from an international background.

 When is RYLA 2016?

2016 RYLA will be held on Saturday 16th (morning) – Friday 22nd (afternoon) April 2016 – it is essential to attend for the full duration of the event.

 Where is RYLA?

RYLA will be held in the picturesque setting of Nunyara Conference Centre, Belair

 Who should attend RYLA?

18 – 26 year olds already displaying leadership potential (ie within their workplace, sports teams, within their studies) who have not previously attended RYLA and have not attended RYPEN within the last two years. Participants need to commit to attending the entire experience (no absences).

 How much will RYLA cost me?

Your sponsoring Rotary Club will sponsor the full cost of your all inclusive attendance ($650). If you have a relationship with a Rotary Club and they have selected you and agreed to sponsor you then your place at RYLA is guaranteed. Unfortunately if you don’t have a relationship with a Rotary Club we cannot guarantee your place on RYLA but will guide you to find a Rotary Club within your local area for you to contact (see contact details below).

 How do I register to attend RYLA?

               Applications are now open from the link below



Pilanthropic Surgery at The Adelaide Memorial Hospital for ROMAC

ROMAC is a Rotary program which has been in operation for over 25 years and was formed “To provide medical treatment for children from developing countries in the form of lifesaving and/or dignity restoring surgery not accessible to them in their home country”.
Rotarians volunteer their time and expertise and are assisted by many eminent Australian Surgeons who generously donate their time free for the treatment of patients. To date, this humanitarian program has provided over 400 children from more than 20 developing countries with urgent, expert medical treatment that has given them new hope, restored their dignity and transformed their lives.
Early this year we were asked if we could assist with a young East Timorese girl, Nidia Dos Santos, who had presented with a “tumour” on the left side of her face.
ROMAC, through Dr John Pater, had already approached and received confirmation from Dr.Cindy Molloy (Neurosurgeon), Dr.Michael Switajewski (ENT Surgeon), Dr.Garry Davis (Ophthalmic Surgeon), Dr.Mark Moore (Cranio Facial Surgeon) and Dr.David McLeod (Anaesthetist) that they would all donate their time and expertise to assist Nidia. It was not anticipated that CCU would be required, however Dr.Mark Finnis was involved with our planning and Dr.S.Salonikis (Radiology SA) agreed to assist with any MRI & CT scans required.
Left to right: Alan McKinnon (ROMAC) Dr. M. Switajewski (ENT Surgeon), Angelica Alves Da Cruz (mother), Dr. M.Moore (Cranio-Facial Surgeon), Dr. D. McLeod (Anaesthetist), Nidia Dos Santos (Patient), Dr. G.Davis (Ophthalmic Surgeon), Dr. J.Pater (Ophthalmic Surgeon), Dr. C.Molloy (Neurosurgeon)
A surgery date was organised for Saturday, 25 July 2015. Nidia & her mother arrived safely & tired on Wednesday 15th July and were met and put in the care of Annabel & Grant Price (host Mother & Father) from the Kidman Park Rotary Club.
Nidia was booked for a CT & MRI scan and an eye examination with Garry Davis to assess Nidia’s vision. All doctors involved were given access to the results via Inteleviewer and a clinical meeting was organised for Wednesday 22 July in the hospital Boardroom. From the scans and examination of Nidia, the “tumour” was diagnosed as a probable Ossifying Fibroma. After discussion, the medical team decided to use the Weber Ferguson approach for best access. This approach is indicated for access to tumors involving the maxilla extending superiorly to the infraorbital nerve and into or involving the orbit. It provides a wide access to all areas of the maxilla and orbital floor.
The surgery on Saturday (Excision of Left Ethmoid Sinus Ossifying Fibroma via Weber Ferguson incision), went very smoothly.
His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le. AO, Governor of South Australia, who is the Patron of ROMAC, and his wife Mrs Lan Le, visited Nidia and her mother during her stay in hospital.
Nidia’s post-op stay at The Memorial was uneventful and she was discharged into the care of her Rotary “family” on Friday 31st July. She stayed in Adelaide for a further two weeks and was seen post-operatively by Michael Switajewski and Garry Davis. Mark Moore has a scheduled medical trip to East Timor in November, 2015, so our plan is for him to see Nidia then.
Nidia Dos Santos (Patient) and Mother Angelica Alves Da Cruz 
An Ossifying Fibroma is a benign tumour composed mainly of fibrous or fully developed connective tissue. It may appear as a fast growing mass between the ages of five to fifteen.
They are commonly associated with Proptosis (forward displacement of the eyeball). This may put pressure on the optic nerve which will eventually lead to blindness. They may also lead to potentially fatal nose bleeds. This is the reason we agreed to provide treatment as a matter of urgency at The Memorial Hospital with the understanding that it will not disadvantage an Australian citizen.
The Memorial Hospital would like to thank the following people
  • Sister Amelia who provided services as a Tetum Interpreter
  • All the Medical staff involved who gave of their time and expertise
  • All Hospital staff who were involved in the care of Nidia during her stay.
Kathy Jarman  Strategic Business Manager at ACHA
This is a great Rotary Program and I would call on all Rotary Clubs to support it financially to ensure it continues and thrives well into the future.
PDG Alun Hughes
Chairman ROMAC Central Region

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